Giovanni Argiropulo (John Argyropoulos)

(1415 Constantinople, Ottoman Empire – 1487 Rome, Italy)
Greek Scholar

Son of a Manuel, his early education was dedicated to literary and philosophy. In 1439, he was a member of the Byzantine delegation to the Council of Ferrara, led by Emperor John VIII Palaeologus in Florence.

Argiropulo arrived in Padua in 1441, first as guest and teacher in the home of Palla Strozzi.  Argiropulo received a Doctor in Theology degree from the University of Padua in 1443. His degree choice was an unusual for a Byzantine scholar, but perhaps it was justified by the prospect of obtaining a position in the West. From 1448 to 1452, he taught Aristotelian philosophy in the Xenon school in Constantinople.  Argiropulo was an advocate of the union between the Greek Church and Roman Church.

At the fall of Byzantium Empire, he managed to save himself and took refuge in Italy with his children. Teacher of Greek humanity in the Florentine Studio (1456-71), he taught courses on the texts of Aristotle, without neglecting Plato and Plotinus

Giovanni Argiropulo

Giovanni Argiropulo

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