Costantino Cantacuzino

(ca 1650-1716 Costantinopoli)
Romanian philosopher and writer

Constantin Cantacuzino was born in a Wallachian boyar family of Greek origin, which claimed descent from the Byzantine imperial family Kantakouzenos.  Following the death of his father in the spring of 1665, he left for Constantinople and then moved to Italy. He enrolled in the University of Padua in 1667. Following the courses of Antonio Dall’Acqua, Albanio Albanese, and di Valeriano Bonvicini.

In August of 1668, he left Padua for Venice, and from here, he returned to his homeland. He is considered one of the most representative figures of 17th century Romanian-Valacca culture, an aficionado of Greek, Latin, and Italian, as well as the political and artistic adviser of Prince Costantin Brâncoveanu, of the Valacco sovereign.