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Patavina libertas. A European history of the University of Padua


“Patavina libertas. A European history of the University of Padua” is the series of books, based on solid archive research conducted by young historians of the University, which will re-interpret the journey of the University of Padua in a European context, among spaces and forms of libertas (liberty) and its role in developing humanistic and scientific knowledge. These projects also include the implementation of a database on the European mobility of the University’s scholars: this work will include the census survey of students and professors and cataloguing the coats of arms housed in Palazzo Bo.

  • Libertas. Between Religion, Politics, and Knowledge
    edited by Andrea Caracausi, Paola Molino, Dennj Solera
  • Foreigners. Student Life and Mobility Between the 13th and 18th Centuries
    edited by Maria Cristina La Rocca and Giulia Zornetta
  • Intellectuals and Courtiers. Padua and its Place in Europe Between the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century
    edited by Ester Pietrobon
  • University Women. Women in Academia and the Female Student Body from the Seventeenth Century to Today
    edited by Andrea Martini and Carlotta Sorba
  • The University of Padua in the contemporary age. An Intellectual and Political History from the Nineteenth Century to Today
    edited by Carlo Fumian
  • Philosophy and Literature. The Origins, Modernity, and the Twentieth Century
    edited by Vincenzo Milanesi
  • The Arts and Architecture. The University in the City
    edited by Jacopo Bonetto, Marta Nezzo, Giovanna Valenzano, Stefano Zaggia
  • Science and Technology. From the Scientific to the Digital Revolution
    by Giulio Peruzzi e Valentina Roberti
  • The Art of Medicine. The Paduan School and Medicine in Europe and the World
    edited by Giovanni Silvano