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Reading our history


On the eve of its ninth century, the University intends to re-explore and share its history to define its present and future role in an even more informed manner. Several scientific and educational initiatives have already been launched. These will contribute to relaunching the historical studies in the University and will include the collaboration with national publishers.

Patavina libertas. Una storia europea dell’Università di Padova” (“Patavina Libertas. A European history of the University of Padua”) is the scientific dissemination series of books, based on solid archive research conducted by young historians of the University, which will re-interpret the journey of the University of Padua in a European context, among spaces and forms of libertas (liberty) and its role in developing humanistic and scientific knowledge. These projects also include the implementation of a database on the European mobility of the University’s scholars: this work will include the census survey of students and professors and cataloguing the coats of arms housed in Palazzo Bo.

The Centre for the history of the University will also organise a series of publications, including a new Profilo storico dell’Università di Padova (Historical profile of the University of Padua) by Piero Del Negro, the “Clarissimi” series dedicated to the prominent male and female scientists and the birth of the new biannual magazine of the Centre, which is online and open access. It will replace the current “Quaderni per la storia dell’Università” (Notebooks for the history of the University).

A double proposal for juniors:

  • “Storie libere” (Free stories): a series of illustrated fiction, with the outstanding figures of our history which most express the innovative power of freedom, with Carthusia Edizioni
  • “I libri dell’Orto” (Books of the Botanical Garden): series of dissemination of scientific knowledge, on the Botanical Garden and on themes of a sustainable future, with Editoriale Scienza – starting from Spring 2019