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Heritage enhancement



A Polish king, a French State Chancellor, a famous Irish poet and playwright and the English doctor who first described blood circulation. They are Stefan Bathory, Michel de l’Hospital, Oliver Goldsmith and William Harvey. These are just four of our forty illustrious foreign students, symbol of the University’s constant international vocation.

Their portraits adorn the Sala dei Quaranta (Hall of the Forty), the hall that leads to the historical “Aula Magna” of Palazzo Bo which also houses the celebrated Cattedra di Galileo (Galileo’s teaching post). They were painted in 1942 by Gian Giacomo Dal Forno, as part of the renovation of the building commissioned by the rector of the time, Carlo Anti, and entrusted to the Milanese designer Gio Ponti.

The restoration of the 40 canvases is one of the major projects of the University, an important commitment and necessary focus on the precious historical and artistic heritage housed in our palazzi.

Damiano De Goes, Portuguese humanist philosopher (1502-1574)
Antonio Agustin, Spanish Humanist and Canon Law Historian (1517-1586)
Emile Perrot, French humanist (?-1556)
Michel de l’Hospital, Jurist and Chancellor of France (1504?-1573)
Caspar Bauhin, Swiss physician, anatomist, and botanist (1560-1624)
Jean Prevost, Swiss physician and botanist (1585-1631)
Adriaan van den Spiegel, Flemish anatomist and surgeon (1578-1625) 
Jan van Heurne, Dutch Medical Doctor (1543-1601) 
Thomas Linacre, English Humanist and Medical Doctor (1460-1524)
Francis Walsingham, English Secretary of State (1532-1590) 
William Harvey, English doctor, discoverer of blood circulation (1578-1657) 
Oliver Goldsmith, Irish playwright, poet, and apothecary’s assistant (1728-1774) 
Johan Ruthven, Scottish nobleman (sec. XVI) 
Olof Rudbeck, Swedish Doctor and Botanist (1630-1702) 
Olaus Worm, Danish Medical Doctor and Natural Historian (1588-1654) 
Pier Giov. Resenius, Danish historian and State Councillor (1625-1688) 
Thomas Bartolin, Danish doctor of anatomy (1616-1680) 
Nicolò da Cusa, German jurist, philosopher and philologist (1401-1464) 
Johann Georg Wirsüng, German doctor, surgeon, anatomist (1600-1643) 
Werner Rolfinck, German medical doctor, scientist, and botanist (1599-1673) 
Protasius de Czernahora, Humanist, Czech diplomat (sec. XV) 

Jan Kritel Bohac, Bohemian naturalist, doctor and zoologist (1724-1768)
Witelo, Friar, theologian and scientist (sec. XIII) 
Klemens Janicius, Polish poet (1516-1543) 
Jan Kochanowski, Polish poet (1530-1584) 
Franciscus Skorjna de Poloczo, Belarusian humanist, physician, translator, and book printer (1490 ca.-1535 ca.) 
Petr Vasiljevic Postnikov, Russian doctor, diplomat (sec. XVIII) 
Ianus Pannonius, Hungarian humanist (1434-1472) 
Stefano Bathory, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania (1533-1586) 
János Sámboky, Hungarian physician, historian, collector (1531-1584) 
Costantino Cantacuzino, Romanian philosopher and writer (1650-1716) 
Marko Gerbec, Greek Croatia Poet (1658-1718)
Demeter Dimitrije, Greek Croatia Poet (1811-1872)
Georgius Benignus, Bosnian philosopher and theologian (?-1540)
Giovanni Argiropulo, Greek Scholar (1410-1492 ca.) 
Alessandro Maurocordato, Doctor, Chief Dragoman of the Empire Council (1636-1709) 
Giovanni Capodistria, Physician and First Independent Greek Head of State (1776-1831) 
Marino Becichemo, Albanian humanist, orator, and chronicler (1468-1526) 
Niccolò Leonico Tomeo, Philosopher (1456-1531) 
Emanuele Sciascian, Armenian physician (1775-1858)

The Sala dei Quaranta of the University of Padua has long held 7 labari (a type of banner flag) on display, each one symbolically representing the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, the School of Engineering, the School of Pharmacy, as well as the Faculty of Education.

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